Medical Malpractice Attorney

We put trust in our doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, and other health care providers to diagnose us, treat us, and return us to vibrant health. Most healthcare professionals want to help and are committed to this goal. Indeed, they work hard to accomplish it for their patients daily. However, they are also human beings dealing with staffing reductions, grueling schedules, and increasingly demanding requirements from their employers. These issues and more do not bode well for the safety and security of patients. Additionally, some providers are merely reckless, careless, or negligent in their work.

Why are Medical Malpractice Cases Challenging

Medical malpractice lawyers understand how traumatizing it is to become a victim of a medical professional’s negligence. They also recognize that these cases are incredibly complicated and technical, differing significantly from other personal injury cases in terms of burden of proof. Most medical providers and their insurers pour copious resources into fighting these claims aggressively and vigorously. They intend to deny victims their rightful compensation, as it affects their bottom line. However, they also want to avoid a public stain on their reputation and record. Injured patients and their family members are well-advised to hire an attorney with extensive experience and resources to fight the teams of attorneys that medical providers and their insurance companies have on the ready. Because so much needs to be addressed and overcome in these cases, no room for error exists.

Is It Medical Malpractice or Not

So, what is or isn’t considered medical malpractice? Firstly, it is not simply having an unfavorable health outcome in the treatment of an illness or in the course of a medical procedure. Indeed, individuals become ill, injured, and sick all the time, and it is not necessarily the fault of a healthcare professional or facility. Nonetheless, every individual who receives medical treatment is entitled to a certain quality care. When a nurse, doctor, physician’s assistant, emergency medical technician, paramedic, nursing home carer, or other medical provider fails to offer an acceptable standard of care to a patient, the individual and their family members have a right to take action. The question of whether or not there was an acceptable standard of care must be established very early in a medical malpractice case. The standard of care is stated to be the generally accepted procedures and practices used by other medical professionals in the same local area when treating patients who have similar disorders or diseases under the same or similar circumstances. To prove the standard of care was breached, your medical malpractice attorney will have to obtain and rely upon the testimony from expert medical witnesses. These medical experts must have extensive experience in the same medical specialty and at the same level of expertise and in the same geographic area as the medical provider. The testimony of other medical experts is often needed to confirm that the standard of care breach caused the patient’s injuries and further attest to the extent of the injuries, harm, and damages. Medical malpractice victims pursuing these actions may recover substantial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, embarrassment, and other general damages with the help of a knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney.