Workers Compensation Attorney

If you were injured at the workplace, you have specific rights to compensation for any damages and losses you sustain. This is something that all workers qualify for under the workers’ compensation laws. However, the process of getting a financial award from worker’s compensation is anything but simple, and many times, victims of on-the-job injuries are denied full access to financial recovery. 

As such, it is crucial that you get a case review from a knowledgeable and experienced workers’ compensation attorney if you are faced with a work-related injury. A workers’ compensation lawyer can explain your rights to you, and then fight to ensure they are protected and secured. 

Don’t accept any type of settlement, no matter how lucrative it may seem, before talking to a legal professional first. Settlements are designed to minimize losses for employers and their insurance companies, so any offer you receive is likely below what you deserve. A case review from a workers’ comp lawyer can help you determine if you are being offered what you are entitled to for your injuries and damages.

What to Do if You are Injured on the Job

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If you are injured on the job, you will be required to fill out an incident report. You will likely need to meet with your employer to discuss the accident and your injuries, as well. The employer will probably refer you to a company-approved physician to determine the severity of your harm or injury. This is the point where the process can become complicated. Since the doctor is working with the employer and the insurance company, you can expect him or her to put their interests before yours. The medical professional will look for ways to deny coverage, such as suggesting that the incident did not occur at the workplace. Or, they may claim that the injury is not as significant as you claim or that a pre-existing medical condition caused it.

This is where your trusted workers’ compensation attorney comes in. When you a law firm to handle your worker’s compensation claim, they will work to ensure that you are getting fair compensation for the harm and damages caused. They will probably need access to all of your medical records, work records, and previous insurance claims in order to proceed. They may advise you to see another doctor of your own choice who is not associated with the employer or their insurance company for a second opinion. Then, a workers’ compensation law firm will apply their dedication and commitment to you and thoroughly investigate all aspects of your claim, so that they can ensure your rights are protected at every stage of the process.

You Need to Focus on Your Recovery

When you face a work-related injury, the last thing you need to worry about is not getting paid the financial award of compensation to which you are entitled. However, this is a valid concern, as it happens all the time. When you work with a workers’ compensation attorney, you can focus on recovering from your injury while the lawyer handles the document reviews, document filings, and the ins and outs of the workers’ compensation system.