How a Military Divorce Lawyer Can Help

Military Divorce

Getting a divorce is a difficult time in anyone’s life. Whether the divorce is desired or not it is a difficult thing to navigate and overcome. Being in the military can add an extra layer of difficulty on top of the divorce itself. That’s why many people seek out the services of a lawyer who works in the realm of both divorce law and military law. These types of lawyers understand how to settle a divorce and how to do it for those in the military. 

Why Military Divorce Can Be More Difficult Than Civilian Divorce

Civilian divorce and military divorce can sometimes be completely different. While there is no question that the family dynamic changes in a divorce there can come more issues and problems when someone divorces in the military. Military schedules can be demanding and difficult to alter. This can make it difficult to talk with divorce lawyers or have other important meetings that could speed up the divorce process or settle it amicably. Military servicemen and servicewomen often have to change locations and report to a new base across the country or even the world too. This can also make it more difficult to settle the divorce process. For many civilian divorces, they are able to stay in the same location and have a bit more flexibility in their line of work, generally. Other things that can be tricky are the benefits that military service people and their families have. Things like a pension plan or healthcare benefits can be difficult things to deal with in a military divorce. 

Issues to Solve in a Military Divorce

If there are children involved in the divorce and a parent is about to deploy or has to move to a new station then this could be an issue. The other parent’s legal team is most likely going to try and use that against the deploying or station-changing parent to try and gain custody of the children. Financial matters like alimony and child support are also things to consider in these circumstances. Also, if a property is owned then this will have to possibly be divided between spouses. Divorce is a tricky thing to navigate regardless if someone is in the military or in the civilian world. However, being in the military world adds a few elements that are tricky to deal with. It’s important to know that this difficult time is temporary and that the divorce can be settled quickly and amicably. 

Legal Assistance

If you or someone you know are in the military and are going through a divorce or are about to start the divorce process then it’s important to know that legal representatives understand these unique circumstances and how to assist. Lawyers from a firm like 

Robinson & Hadeed have helped many clients in the military settle their divorces. Consider reaching out to a military divorce lawyer turns to in their time of need for family matters.