Learn About Family Law and a Divorce

Learn About Family Law and a Divorce

Learn About Family Law and a Divorce

For most people, the first thing they want to do when they go through a divorce is avoid talking with their spouse. They may hire a lawyer, work with a mediator, and find anyone else to convey how they are feeling as long as they do not need to speak with their soon-to-be ex-spouse. However, when two spouses are going through a divorce and they have children, they will need to find some common ground so that they can create a parenting plan. 

What is a parenting plan? 

A parenting plan, also known as a parenting agreement, is a document that states how the parents will take care of their children once they get a divorce. While both parents can choose not to create this and have a judge determine what to do for the child, this is one of the best ways for everyone to get what they would like out of the plan and consider what is in the best interests of the children involved.

One of the most important things that your children will need during and after this process will be stability. An attorney, like a family lawyer in Rockville, Maryland from a law firm like The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright knows that keeping your children on a schedule and knowing that certain things are predictable can help your children cope with the stress of a family separating. 

What kinds of things will be in a parenting plan? 

Not every parenting plan will be the same, but you may want to include some of the following things:

  • Who will get your children for holidays
  • Who gets physical and legal custody of the children
  • Who will be the noncustodial parent 
  • Whether both parents can take the children to school and pick them up
  • What kind of religious homes the children will grow up in
  • Who is paying child support and how much

These are all things that a judge will consider when creating a parenting plan. However, if both parents are able to come to an agreement together that also considers what will be best for the children, a judge will likely agree on this parenting plan instead of creating a different one. 

Divorcing is never easy and only becomes more complicated with children. However, a local attorney can help you begin creating a parenting plan and advocate for your rights when you want to do what is best for your children through this process.