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Legal Name Changes

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Nearly everyone at some point in their lifetime is going to change their name. As our own personal injury lawyers have experienced throughout their own lives, and in fact the most common reason that people wish to change their name is in times of marriage or divorce according to a family lawyer from our friends at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC. Before one starts down the legal process of changing their name, intense research must be done to ensure that the proper steps are taken and that no mistakes are made. There are four major places where one’s name must be changed in this instance. However, there is not a single form where a person’s name can be changed in these four places all at the same time, so each federal or state agency must be contacted separately. This can be a long and tedious process and it is important that an individual knows all that must be completed before they get started.

As stated before there are four major places where your name must be changed on government documents. These four places are your “Driver’s license” or state ID, your “social security card”, your “passport”, and your “voter registration”. This article will offer guidance on how to change your name on each of those documents. In order to change your name for each of these documents you may be required to submit your marriage certificate. This copy must be an official one obtained through your specific “county clerk’s office”. It is very easy to change your name on a Driver’s License. Simply go to your nearest driver’s license office within thirty days of your marriage or your divorce being finalized. You will be required to present either your official “marriage certificate” or “divorce decree” and fill out the documents provided to you by the office.

In order to change your name for your social security card, one must complete an “Application for a Social Security Card” and submit the required documents (a marriage certificate or divorce decree) as proof of a “name change event”. You will also be required to provide “evidence of your identity” as well as your “new legal name”. To provide evidence of your identity items such as a Driver’s License or birth certificate can be used. It is very important to change your name on your social security card, because if this step is not taken it may cause “delays when you file your taxes”.

The next place that you will need to change your name would be on your passport. The name on your passport can be changed through the mail. A person must fill out “Form DS-82” along with certain other documents. Again your “marriage certificate” or “divorce decree” must be submitted, along with your current “passport”, and a “color passport photo”. There will also be certain “fees” that are associated with this process, and there is an official calculator available as these fees are assessed based on multiple different variables.

The last major place where your name will need to be changed is on your voter registration. This process is very simple and in some states can be completed online. One must go online and have certain documents readily available in order to complete the forms. Those documents are your current “Driver’s License”, your “social security number”, and your “voter registration card” identification number. This is one process that does not require a marriage license or divorce decree. After this form is submitted, a new voter ID card will be sent out within “30 days”. With this new information in mind, this daunting task can now be completed with confidence. However, if you are just starting the process of changing your name and need help, contact a family lawyer today.